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Developing well-rounded young men with a variety of interests, talents, skills, and aptitudes. 

What are Co-Curriculars?

Becoming a man requires development beyond the classroom. What are frequently called “extracurriculars” are considered core to our education. All Northridge students participate in at least one (and usually several) of our co-curriculars. Teamwork, commitment, loyalty, courage and many more virtues are developed through active participation in the following activities.




Clubs & STEM


The Halls




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At Northridge, athletically gifted young men have the opportunity to fulfill their potential in their respective sports while still enjoying the benefits of a small-school environment that focuses on character formation. Above all else, Northridge coaches see themselves as educators and mentors. Success in the competitive arena serves primarily as a vehicle for Northridge coaches to help build men of integrity and virtue.

As we coaches like to say, “Sports at Northridge are not just about the scoreboard; they are about growing up!”

The Advisory Program: A Partnership With Parents


Through the Advisory Program, our faculty meet one-on-one with their assigned students once a month.

Advisory conversations are anchored in the mutual respect and friendship between student and teacher -- qualities that also characterize the ongoing relationships between parents and advisors. Ultimately, the Advisory Program forms an essential aspect of the school's partnership with parents as they cultivate a long-term vision for the character formation of their sons.



Clubs usually meet at lunch or after school, and entail commitments to deadlines, shows, competitions, or events to enrich student life at the school.

The Halls

Hall Fests

Half or full-day competitions throughout the school year where most of the Hall Points are doled out.

The Halls at Northridge

Service Days

On select off days from school, the Halls hold service day challenges to build a culture of generosity.

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Hall Leaders

Our version of student government. These four 12th graders represent each of the four Halls and coordinate school activities

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See Photos

After each Halls Fest, we post the photos on our photography website below. Enjoy!

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