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Building Habits and Values

Middle School is a wonderful and crucial age in the life of a boy.

A Middle Schooler needs to learn facts and the subject matter of his classes; even more importantly, he must grow in habits of study, habits of organization, an optimistic view of life, and a vision for the kind of man he wants to become.

Middle School at Northridge is designed to build these habits and values.

Teacher as Guide

What is the role of a Middle School teacher? A great Middle School teacher is both a master of the craft of teaching material, and also a mentor, a guide to each of his students. A great Middle School teacher sees himself as a coach -- using class time to help his students grow in habits of study, self control, organization. He has a comprehensive view of a boys’ character through  his class interactions and through frequent conversations outside of class.

Our Middle School teachers love the enthusiasm and energy of boys at this age. They are hooks to engage the boys’ imagination, and to motivate them to become great men.

Building Study & Writing Skills

Unique Study Skills Curriculum

Developing good study habits is a crucial element of Middle School. At Northridge Study Skills are taught as a graded component of every class. Skills taught include: organization, note-taking, test-taking, and annotating. In addition, students receive individual coaching on these skills via their advising sessions, and receive a Northridge assignment notebook (customized to Northridge’s calendar).


Systematic Writing Methodology from IEW

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), offers a modern curriculum built on a classical approach for developing students into effective writers with sound grammar. All Northridge English teachers are trained in this methodology and integrate it into their curriculum. Students’ consistent, year over year application of the IEW practices builds strong writers.

A Sense of Adventure

Books & Stories

A boy’s imagination is a vivid, and powerful force in his life. Northridge literature and history teachers select books that spark the imagination of our boys, and tell them stories that not only engage the imagination but inspire them with a noble vision for life.


Field Trips & Overnights

Life as an adventure! A boy's sense of adventure can develop into a wonderful outlook on life as a whole. 

We actively foster this sense of adventure not just through books and stories but also through frequent Field Trips (once a quarter, sometimes more) and annual overnight trips for each grade.

Middle School Course Sequence

Middle School Activity & Electives

Why Activity Period? Our goal is to build men of interests -- to support a boy’s future success as a professional, and also for him to become the kind of man who can sit down to a long and invigorating conversation. 

Each year in the Middle School our boys can select from a variety of Activities and Elective options that are built into the school day.

Importance of Play

Structuring the unstructured. Unstructured free time, built into the day, is formative in many ways. At Northridge students are given 15 minutes of break each morning, and 40 minutes for lunch, where they’re free to leave the cafeteria as soon as they’re finished eating (which they do remarkably fast).

Boys love to create games, rules for games and then they resolve the resulting conflicts. In doing this they naturally build friendships, a sense of fairness and empathy, and they learn how to create structure where there was none - in short, they learn to act like adults.

Signature Programs

Advising Program

Advising is a special and unique program. Each Northridge student is paired with a Faculty Advisor - a mentor who’ll meet with him individually each month.

Headmaster Niall Fagan


Becoming a man involves development beyond the classroom. What are frequently called “extracurriculars” are considered core to our education and all Northridge students participate in at least one and usually several of our co-curriculars.


The Arts

Between 30 - 40 percent of our students participate in either our Music or Drama programs, and many others in speech and debate. These programs are an important part of developing an appreciation of beauty and the ability to perform well in front of an audience.


Middle School Museum & Grandparents Day

Every year each Middle Schoolers team up with a few classmates to create a “Museum Artifact” from history. We display them in a museum so student's parents and grandparents can tour. A grand lunch follows the tours.

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