Theatre & Drama Department

Each year, the Drama Department puts on 2-3 full-scale productions -- often one musical and one epic, comedy, or tragedy. Some recent productions include:


Mr. Joseph Lechner, Drama Department Chair

B.S. Illinois State University; M.A.T. University of Chicago

Year Appointed: 1982

As a high school student at Maine North, Mr. Lechner was both captain of the gymnastics team and co-founder of the school’s drama club. While in college, he was elected a member of the student assembly and performed as an acrobat in a fraternity circus that raised money for charitable purposes. After earning his Master of Arts in Teaching in Social Sciences and History at the University of Chicago in 1979, Joe taught for three years at Palatine High School, where he founded the Advanced Placement course in History and served as the technical director for ten major school dramatic productions. Joe joined the Northridge faculty in 1982 and is a member of both the national and state Associations for Teachers of Social Science. Mr. Lechner and his wife, Diane, have seven children and two grandchildren and live in Deerfield.

Epics, Comedies, & Tragedies


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