The Halls


The Four Halls of Northridge

What Are the Halls?

We divide the school -- students, faculty, staff -- into four Halls. Then they compete -- in grades, teacher points, Hall Fests, fundraisers, and more. Converted into points, these become a spur to each Hall attempting to catch and outpace the other. The whole year is a competition.

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The English word “Cavalier” means “mounted soldier,” or “knight.” The true Cavalier was a gallant gentleman dedicated to the King. This word is also used in the same sense by the Italians: “Cavalliere,” and the French: “Chevalier.” The young men of Northridge should strive to be noble: daring, dignified, humble, sowers of peace, and unflinching in battle. Induction into the Halls will cultivate a confidence born of friendship, a daring in battle (Hall Fests) unsullied by undignified action. Though the word “Cavalier” can be said to mean “one who disregards others,” Northridge men strive to win back the true and noble meaning of this title.


The Paladin were the twelve legendary knights of Charlemagne, as recounted in epic tale, “The Song of Roland.” In the Valley of Death, Roland led the Twelve against the enemy forces. He shouted in the midst of the battle that “God and his Angels are at our side.” Though they perished in battle, the knights of Charlemagne stood their ground to the last man. The young men of Northridge should strive to place their trust in God and in his loving Providence. The Halls of Northridge provide students with the opportunities to live their faith actively inside the school and out.


The title “Riddervon” was the traditional title given to a distinguished citizen in the Austrian Empire (“Ridder” means “Knight” in German). In Bavaria, the noble title of Riddervon also recognized the meritorious action of a knight and was hereditary. The young men of Northridge ought to sense and appreciate the inheritance of education passed down to them. The induction of a student into a Hall helps to cultivate this sense of gift and brotherhood. However, because the title “Riddervon” is also awarded to those citizens who merited it, Northridge students ought to earn nobility of character using the gift (inheritance) of education bestowed upon them.


Vytis is the Lithuanian rendering of “knight,” though it literally means “Chaser.” The “Chasers” of Lithuania were knights in the United Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania. The “Vytis” horsemen famously chased the invading Teutonic Knights intruders out of their land in crushing defeats on the battlefield. Northridge men are called upon to “Chase” away all threats to the solidarity amongst the students. Induction into a Northridge Hall, such as Vytis Hall, will teach the students the vital necessity for young men to courageously fight against injustice. The Halls sponsor service projects to cultivate a sense of social justice.


Hall Fests

At least four times each year, we take a break from classes and have “Hall Fests,” which range from a round robin of sports to tug of war, Giant Jenga, and re-creations of the game show Family Feud. It's a highlight of many student's Northridge experience.

Middle School Halls

We have a distinct Middle School halls program that include leadership opportunities for 8th grade hall leaders.

The system integrates the halls into the classroom, increasing the sense of competition in all things that we do. Each week there's a hall winner, who gets bragging rights and a mini hall fest.

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