The Halls

Summer 2021 | Registration Opens January 15, 9:00 am


The Four Halls of Northridge

What Are the Halls?

We divide the school -- students, faculty, staff -- into four Halls. Then they compete -- in grades, teacher points, Hall Fests, fundraisers, and more. Converted into points, these become a spur to each Hall attempting to catch and outpace the other. The whole year is a competition.

hall crest

Hall Fests

At least four times each year, we take a break from classes and have “Hall Fests,” which range from a round robin of sports to tug of war, Giant Jenga, and re-creations of the game show Family Feud. It's a highlight of many student's Northridge experience.

Middle School Halls

We have a distinct Middle School halls program that include leadership opportunities for 8th grade hall leaders.

The system integrates the halls into the classroom, increasing the sense of competition in all things that we do. Each week there's a hall winner, who gets bragging rights and a mini hall fest.

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