Using Technology Well

Fostering a Culture of Dialogue

Our goal is to encourage our students to think beyond the surface of things, and to focus on the classroom discussion. Our cell phone and technology policy is designed to foster an environment that prioritizes quality human interactions with classmates all day long.

Digital communication devices are useful and powerful tools. And technology, like all tools should be used intentionally. Numerous studies have demonstrated that smartphones and related electronics are frequently disruptive to the learning environment and harmful to the student’s academic and social development.

Below you will find more details on our policies regarding the use of all electronic communication devices (including smartphones, smart watches, tablets, gaming devices, etc):

Appropriate Use for Students

Before the end of the School Day. Students are not permitted to use their phones or other electronic devices before the end of the School Day – neither before classes nor during the school day. All cell phones and other electronic devices are to be powered off and kept in the student’s locker from the time of arrival on campus (or exiting their car) through to the end of the school day (3:15 pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 2:35 pm on Fridays). Students wishing to make a call during these hours may use the phones by the front office.

After School. Upon the completion of the school day students will be allowed to use their phones either in the atrium area or outside the school building. Use of phones after the school day is to be limited to brief communication. If Northridge faculty observe a student using a cell phone after the school day for purposes beyond brief communication, the consequences listed below apply.

Field Trips. Use of these devices will not be allowed on regular field trips; they should be left at home or powered off in the locker. On overnights or trips arriving later in the afternoon or evening, the coordinator of the trip may allow students to bring them solely for the purposes of coordinating rides at the end of the trip. In these cases, the devices will be collected by the coordinator at the start of the trip and returned to students as they near returning to the school.

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