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High School: Beyond Prepared for College

We not only prepare students exceptionally well for college. We aim to build men with a noble vision for life, and capable of achieving it.

How? Through a rigorous combination of core & elective courses intentionally designed to develop that vision.

The Core + Elective Model

Core Classes: Laying a Solid Foundation

Humanities: Four years of history, literature, theology, and philosophy will acquaint him with the great ideas of the Western Tradition.

Science & Math: A rigorous, contemporary curriculum in the Math and Sciences often taught at a collegiate level.


Electives: Flexibility & Rigor Suited to Each Student 

An elective system that enables students to tailor their coursework to interests and abilities across disciplines - building a mature ownership of their education.

In addition to his choice of language, a student will choose one or two elective options a year in grades 9 and 10, and two or three a year in grades 11 and 12.

A Liberal Arts Education

Our curriculum follows a traditional “Liberal Arts” approach for developing an appreciation of the true, good and beautiful, with an emphasis on building strong written and spoken communication skills. We have a preference for the Western Tradition but are not tied to what is often called the “Classical Curriculum.” We teach great works of literature such as Homer and Shakespeare, and also incorporate contemporary authors. Our focus is introducing ideas and great authors that present a noble, attractive vision of life in a manner that engages and inspires our students.

Departmental Approaches

Tailored Math & Sciences

A strong STEM curriculum is an integral part of the Liberal Arts: it is required for truly understanding the world. Northridge places each student at their appropriate level of Math, regardless of their grade, and offers classes through Calculus II BC (one level above AP Calculus AB). Our Science curriculum stretches students starting with their Freshman year. Students can take multiple AP level Sciences starting their Junior year, and also have the option of Computer Coding electives.

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History and Literature In Tandem

Literature and History are valuable in their own right. And when paired together, they lead students to even further insight. The history and literature of each age complement each other. History provides context for the literary works of its period, and literature gives life to the ideas and motives that drove that period of history. At Northridge we pair the literature and history curriculum. Freshmen take Ancient History and Classical Literature; Sophomores cover European History and British Literature, and in Junior Year the focus is American History and Literature. 

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The Importance of Philosophy

Philosophy has become a core part of the Northridge education: students take one semester of it every year. Our curriculum advances with the developing capacity of a high schooler: starting with logical principles in Freshman year and advancing to Metaphysics and contemporary topics in Junior and Senior year. Why this emphasis? Philosophy grounds a young man in his values, giving him confidence in the reasons why he holds them. And, more than any other discipline, teaches a student to think clearly, logically and critically. The ability to frame a problem in a philosophy class will translate to clarity of thought in the professional world.

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High School Course Sequence

Signature Programs


Becoming a man involves development beyond the classroom. What are frequently called “extracurriculars” are considered core to our education and all Northridge students participate in at least one and usually several of our co-curriculars.


College Matriculation

Students from classes 2016 to 2020 have been accepted to Harvard, Johns-Hopkins, Notre Dame, Princeton, Standard, Swarthmore, and more.


The Arts

Each year, between 30 - 40 percent of our students participate in either our Music or Drama programs, and many others in speech and debate. These programs are an important part of developing an appreciation of beauty and the ability to perform well in front of an audience.


Advising Program

Advising is a special and unique program. Each Northridge student is paired with a Faculty Advisor - a mentor who’ll meet with him individually each month.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with our admissions office to see if Northridge would be a good fit for your son and family. Our admissions process is focused on getting to know each prospective parent and student exceptionally well.

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