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To support students as they aim to achieve a high standard of conduct, Northridge assigns each student a faculty Advisor. Advisors accompany their students throughout all their years at Northridge; pulling them aside once or twice a month to talk. Advisors take a genuine interest in their students' lives and help them set goals to gain a broader perspective. They are a resource for the individual needs of each student. Advisors also seek a mature friendship with each student and his family -- thereby assisting each parent in the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and physical education of each boy. 

For many Northridge students having an Advisor is the defining experience of their time at the school -- and many stay in touch with their Advisors long after they graduate.

How It Works

A Note from Our Director of Advisory

Our teachers are the kind of man you want your son to look up to and emulate. And they do! We personalize the attention each students gets -- meeting him where he is, and helping him set goals and build from there.

Here at Northridge I lead a team of incredibly dedicated, talented educators. They have attended top universities, and have led successful professional and family lives. Our Advisors exemplify the virtues our students strive to acquire. Since partnering with our parents is a key part of our mission and values, the Advisory Program is a defining feature of the education we provide. As Advisors, we are always asking ourselves: ‘how can I better partner with my Advisee’s parents?'

Sincerely, Mr. Emmett McGovern (847) 375-0600 x 459

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Meeting Your Son's Advisor

Building a man of intellect and character is a team effort. As the primary educators of their children, parents seek the valuable perspective Advisors have: that of how their sons behave in the school environment. Therefore, Advisors are one of the most valuable partners a parent has in the education of their son. We encourage our parents to communicate their concerns, questions, and requests openly and freely. 

The best opportunity to communicate these points, is the Parent-Advisor Conference. Each Fall, Northridge parents schedule time to meet with their son's Advisor -- sharing the valuable information an Advisor needs to make the greatest impact on his Advisees.

Great Men Need Mentors: An Alumni Perspective

Advisory Program at Northridge

Gabe Checri '18

"The Advising program gave me an opportunity (beyond normal day-to-day interactions) to develop deeper friendships with my teachers. In my experience, the context of genuine friendship brought naturalness, depth, and humor to our conversations.

The aspect of Advising that was especially impactful to me, however, was the example lived by my advisor and the school faculty on a daily basis. Through observation, interaction, and conversation, I came to respect these men deeply. I saw something extremely attractive and worth emulating in the way they lived cheerfulness, temperance, fortitude, humility, professional excellence, and interior life."

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