June 17-21, 2024

Teaching Through
Immersion Workshop

Teach Latin and Spanish Through Total


Teaching Through Immersion

“Longum iter est per praecepta, breve et efficax per exempla.”

“Long is the road [of learning] through rules, short and effective through examples.”


For several decades, teaching foreign languages using "full immersion" has proven very successful. However, a transition to full immersion can feel daunting. It requires fluency in the language being taught, there are a wide range of approaches that make it unclear where to start, and full immersion seems even more difficult to apply to ancient languages like Latin which are no longer spoken.

But a spoken, natural, immersive method can transform a language class into an engaging and rigorous experience for students. We invite you to explore how even a dead tongue like Latin can come alive in a classroom.

What to Expect

This conference brings world-class experts on the topic to help both Latin and Spanish teachers to apply the full-immersion approach in a practical and effective manner. This training will equip current and aspiring teachers of Latin and Spanish how to teach a language via a natural, engaging, and spoken method. Additionally, the conference will provide a greater appreciation of why languages are worth teaching using this approach. Educators who value the liberal arts and the tradition of Western education are invited to participate.

About Polis and their Method

Northridge Preparatory School in the Chicago suburbs in partnership with the world renowned Polis Institute from Jerusalem will equip participants to teach via the Polis Method. Through many years of practice and research, The Polis Institute has developed their unique method of teaching both ancient and modern languages by means of full immersion and dynamic language development. The Polis Method is a systematic approach to create an environment where students learn the most with their peers and get the best understanding of the language. The implementation of the Polis Method comes with best practices and resources for teachers to interact with students exclusively in the target language.

Do you want to find out more about the Polis Method?

Listen to the following podcast where instructors and organizers of the workshop further discuss the theory and the practice of the Polis Method of language instruction.


Christophe Rico

Christophe Rico is a French linguist. He holds a PhD in Greek linguistics (University of Sorbonne, 1992) and the official French accreditation to direct doctoral research (University of Strasbourg, 2011). He is a professor of Greek Philology at the Ecole Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jérusalem. Since 2011, he has been the dean of the Polis Institute.

He has published several language methods and books on Greek and Hebrew philology as well as many articles on general linguistics, ancient Greek linguistics, semantics, translations studies, and second language acquisition.

Teresa Lopez

Teresa Lopez is the co-founder of DiaLogo Academy, the Polis Institute branch for modern languages. She is a graduate of the Masters’ Degree in Near Eastern Languages at The Polis Institute in Jerusalem and a current PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics. Along with other graduates and after working as a Spanish teacher in Jerusalem, Teresa felt like The Polis Method of immersive language acquisition could also be applied to modern languages and thus DiaLogo Academy was born.


June 17-21, 2024


Registration Cost: $700. Registration includes lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday, along with printed materials for the conference.

Workshop Schedule

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Morning Sessions
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch & Break
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Afternoon Sessions
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Break
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Dinner


  • Introduction to the Polis Method
  • Planning a Course / Planning a Lesson
  • LSE (Living Sequential Expression)
  • Assimilation of Paradigms
  • Teaching New Vocabulary
  • Classroom Games
  • Full Immersion Methodologies
  • TPR (Total Physical Response)
  • Classroom Management
  • Dealing with Texts
  • Drama
  • Working in Pairs and Small Groups

Lodging Information

For those coming from out of town who are interested in lodging options, a block of rooms will be made available at a nearby hotel, with shuttle service to Northridge each morning. Lunch and dinner will be provided during and after every day’s program.


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