Lunch Program

Northridge offers an optional lunch program, provided by “Marla’s Brown Bag Lunch.” Marla’s provides the flexibility to order lunch just once, or for every day. It also provides a few menu options for each day.


Marla’s Lunch is a lunch management company that serves over 40 schools in the Chicagoland area. Marla’s has been in business for over 15 years. They’re full service; handling everything from orders to delivery.


Marla’s prepares all the food off-site and delivers lunch in a brown paper bag with each student’s name on it. School lunches may be ordered weekly, monthly or for the whole semester. Because of allergy concerns, only students who ordered a lunch will receive one; Marla’s does not send extra lunches to be purchased “the day of.” In order for students to get lunch, parents must order it ahead of time.


Each day, there are 7-10 item options to choose from – with healthy and more traditional options available. Student’s portion size can be customized, and salads, desserts, and drinks are also included. Marla’s will not serve any pop; instead there will be water, organic milk (whole and lowfat), Gatorade, and flavored waters. Each lunch costs between $6 and $9.50. Each lunch comes with two sides (one side is usually a fruit or veggie).


Parents must order online ahead of time at First you set up an account, then you can order for a month, week, or even the full semester. You can return any time to edit or cancel orders.

Note that orders for the following week must be confirmed each Monday at 12pm noon.  For example, to get lunches for the week of September 11 - 15, parents must order the Monday before, September 4 at 12pm noon.

Instructions for setting up an account can be found here.


The first school day that Marla’s Lunch is available is Monday August 28 (ie, not on the first two days of school, Thursday & Friday Aug 24 & 25).

Parents must order online ahead of time by 12noon on Monday, August 21, at



  • Snow Days – On snow days Marla’s credits each student’s account with a lunch. On snow days parents don’t need to cancel their order with Marla’s. Northridge will communicate with Marla’s when a snow day will take place.
  • Refunds – Marla’s does not offer refunds — only credits for future lunches.
  • Field Trips – On school field trip days, parents won’t be able to sign up for lunch. Marla’s will have the school’s field trip schedule ahead of time, and will black out those days.
  • Allergies –  Marla’s does not make any food that contains nuts. However, cross-contamination is possible since Marla’s works with other restaurants, food companies, and chefs. Parents of students with allergies should contact Marla’s for additional information about how to protect your son. Marla’s can accommodate for allergies, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to her (contact info below).
    Sick students – If a student is sick, parents can pick up the student’s lunch at school. Alternatively, parents can donate their lunch to teachers.



If you have any more questions or concerns, you can reach Marla at: or call 224.269.0068. For technical support on the website, please email

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