Welcome to a New Batch of Transfer Knights!

In the last couple weeks, we have welcomed five additional new Knights to the Northridge family! We are excited to have them join us, and we look forward to seeing these young men enrich our school community this year. Let’s give these new Knights and their families a big warm welcome! They are:


  • Maveryk Keenan (7th Grade). Maveryk is the son of Lana Callahan and Ryan Keenan, and Step Son of Chris Callahan. Their family lives in Park Ridge and are very active members in their community. Mav is also transferring from Emerson School. He is very interested in sports like Lacrosse, Golf, and Swimming.
  • Brendan Kinsella (7th Grade). Brendan is the son of Tim and Jackie Kinsella. Their family lives in Edison Park and are members at Saint Juliana’s Parish. Tim is a Chicago Police Officer and Jackie is a Detective with the Chicago Police Department. Brendan loves all sports. Unfortunately, he is a Packers fan (we will let it slide though). Brendan joins us from Ebinger Elementary.
  • Caden LaPadula (7th Grade). Caden is the son of Marc and Brittney LaPadula. Their family also lives in Edison Park and are members at Saint Juliana’s. Marc LaPadula is a homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department, and Brittney works for CPS in administration. Caden is also a Packers fan (unfortunately, like Brendan). Caden also joins us from Ebinger Elementary.
  • Cooper Larson (7th Grade). Cooper is from Park Ridge (where he attended Emerson School) and is the son of Scott and Hillary Larson. Cooper really enjoys history, science, and anything sports-related.
  • Nicolas Massucci (7th Grade). Nick is from Park Ridge (where he attended Emerson School), and is the son of Kristen and Matthew Massucci, and is transferring from Emerson School. Sports are a big part of who he is, especially basketball and baseball. He also really enjoys Math and Science classes.
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