Tuition & Finances


How To …


View & Manage Tuition Bills 

Change bank accounts / credit cards

  • For 2019-20 bills/accounts: login to TADS.
  • For 2020-21 bills/accounts: go to Smart Tuition within onCampus.
  • How? Login to onCampus, click “Resources”, then “Smart Tuition.”


Modify Payment Plan or Due Dates

  • Please contact Mr. Chong:
  • After setting up your payment plan and due dates during enrollment / re-enrollment, you’re unable to change them. But the school can.



  • Starting February 1, re-enrollment contracts are available in onCampus. Login here.
  • Deadline: March 15.
  • What is it? Re-enrollment signs your son up for the next academic year. During the process, you agree to Northridge’s terms and conditions, pay your tuition deposit, and set up your payment plan. 
  • What is the tuition deposit? The $500 tuition deposit secures your son’s spot at Northridge. It is your first payment towards next year’s tuition (not an additional fee).


Request to Host an International Student


Apply for Financial Aid

  • Apply in Smart Aid. Login here.
  • Deadline to apply: March 15.
  • See more info below.


Apply for a Sibling Discount

Apply for a First Responder Discount


Apply an Outside Scholarship to your account


Need Help?

Please contact:

Mr. Chong

Director of Business Operations


Phone: (847) 375-0600, x432

Northridge Financial Calendar

February 1   Re-Enrollment contracts available in onCampus

March 15     Deadline for Re-Enrollment

                      Deadline for priority Hosting requests

                      Deadline for Financial Aid applications

May 1            Financial Aid awards sent

May 15          Financial Aid awards applied to your contract

June 1          Deadline: Sibling Discounts & First Responder paperwork

Hosting an International Student
Hosting earns the following:

  • Full Year: $11,100
  • Semester: $5,550
  • Quarter: $2,775


How to Become a Host family:

Simply email Mr. Chong at expressing your interest in hosting. Mr. Chong will give you a call and discuss how it works.


March 15    Priority deadline to request to host an International Student. 


Those who request to host by March 15, and are approved, will receive a guaranteed “Hosting award”, which will reduce their tuition. Those who request to host after March 15 may receive a hosting award, but only if the school has sufficient international students.

Financial Aid Process

Before applying for Financial Aid, do consider whether you could host an International Student. It’s usually a very good experience for a family. And, most families find that hosting allows them to avoid applying for Financial Aid.



March 15 – Deadline to complete your Financial Aid application

May 1 – Financial Aid awards are sent to families

May 15 – Financial Aid awards expire, if not accepted by this time


How to Apply

You apply through SmartAid

Create a new account on Smart Aid.

Note: your Smart Aid account is separate from your onCampus account

Halfway through the application, you’ll need to use our school code: 14169.

Want step-by-step instructions with screenshots? Click here.


Stages in Financial Aid Process

1. Completing your application. Your application will help the school understand your financial needs. You’ll upload copies of your tax returns, and a number of financial statements: mortgage, credit card, bank account, retirement accounts, etc. And you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your family’s activities. All this is due by March 15.

2. Application verified. Once you complete and submit your application, Smart Aid then reviews it for accuracy and completeness. If Smart Aid finds gaps or errors in your application, they’ll notify you. Your application won’t be considered for a Financial Aid award until you’ve fixed any gaps they may find.

3. Award granted. Once your application is shown “in good standing”, Northridge reviews it and, if you qualify, gives you a Financial Aid award. You’ll receive an email from Mr. Chong with the award.

4. Awards applied. By May 1, all Financial Aid awards are applied to your account in Smart Tuition (After April 15, you can see if the award is applied by logging in to onCampus, then clicking “Resources”, then clicking “Smart Tuition”.)

Sibling & First Responder Discounts
Northridge offers two discounts, described below.


Timing: June 1: Deadline to submit the documentation for either discount


Sibling Discount. 

Northridge offers a sibling discount to families with multiple children at either Northridge, Embers, or Willows Academy

Details and application process are explained in this document


First Responder Discount. 

A First Responder Discount of $5,000 per student is available for families whose primary source of income comes from a parent employed full time as a first responder (police, fire, or paramedic). 

Details and application process are explained in this document.


Can I combine both discounts? No. The intent of these discounts is to honor the family’s particular circumstances. A family cannot hold both discounts at the same time, or combine one with Financial Aid. If these discounts do not make Northridge sufficiently affordable for your family, apply for Financial Aid instead of the discount.

Outside Scholarships
Northridge does not offer merit-based scholarships of its own. But, we’re very happy to accept outside scholarship grants you may earn, and reduce your tuition bill accordingly.


Some common scholarships our students may earn are “Empower Illinois,” and the “Daniel Murphy Scholarship.” We encourage you to apply for these if you think you might qualify.

If you win a scholarship or think you may win one, please contact Mr. Chong: He’ll apply your scholarship to our system, to reduce your tuition bill. In the case of scholarships regular communication is helpful; err on the side of over-communication.

Our systems
Northridge uses the following systems to manage finances



onCampus is our primary system. It’s where you re-enroll, access Smart Tuition, view grades, update your contact information, and most everything else. 

To access: Login here.



Smart Tuition is a portal within onCampus.

Starting for the 2020-21 academic year, use Smart Tuition to view your tuition bills, purchases, and manage the bank account and credit cards that get charged. 

To access Smart Tuition: Login to onCampus, then click “Resources”, then “Smart Tuition

Note: your Smart Tuition account is the same as your onCampus account.


Smart Aid

Starting for the 2020-21 academic year, use Smart Aid to apply for Financial Aid. 

To access: Login here.

Note: your Smart Aid account is different than your onCampus account



Until the end of this 2019-20 academic year, use TADS to view your current tuition bills. 

To access: Login here.