Thank You Mr. Diego Healy, Welcome Mr. Urcina

Our International Program Assistant Director, Diego Healy, has decided to step down from his position at Northridge. He was hired to work as an analyst at Sysco in Houston, Texas. 

Diego worked to further develop our international program for three and a half years. “Mr. Healy joined Northridge to help us boost our International Program,” said Mr. Hugo Chong- the director of our International Program. “He helped get the name of Northridge into different places, like Asia and Europe.”

Besides expanding our enrollment beyond the international boundaries, Diego was a great person to be around. “I’ll never forget when I beat him in a pushup contest…he was fun to be around,” said senior Matt McKenna.

Our international students were thankful for Diego’s dedication. “He’s an incredible man,” said current foreign exchange student Emiliano Valdez (‘25). “He was always there for me when I needed him.”  

Words cannot express how thankful we are for Diego’s work. He has set a lasting high-standard on his position. Luckily, we believe his replacement, Croix Urcina, will meet these expectations. 

Croix spent five years in event management, overseeing the entire production of large corporate conventions. He’s also been the assistant coach for our varsity basketball team this year. 

We believe Croix brings a great combination of project managing and mentoring skills to his new position. “You have to grow a passion inside of you to do this, & I see that in Croix,” said Mr. Chong. “He’s interested in helping young men become successful in the future.”

His corporate background makes him a good leader, and his coaching skills make him a good friend. We’re happy to welcome him into our community.


Written by Joe Rudolph ’22

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