Symptoms, Exposure, and Return to School:

“What Happens If …”

The following explains what happens if someone experiences COVID symptoms, or is exposed to COVID.

Point of contact

For questions about the following scenarios, or to discuss what to do with your son, please contact our Dean of Students

Emmett McGovern

(847) 375-0600 x459


What is Close Contact Exposure?

Close Contact Exposure occurs when someone:

  • Was less than 6 feet from a COVID patient for 15 minutes or more


  • Had physical contact with a COVID patient


  • Shared food or drink with a COVID patient

Use common sense: other exposure situations may arise.


COVID-like Symptoms and How to Proceed

This table explains which symptoms should be considered COVID-like symptoms, and when.

Symptoms, Exposure, & Return

Likely Scenarios and What to Do

There are different categories of possible COVID cases, symptoms and exposure. Depending on the category, parents and Northridge should take the following steps:

Symptoms, Exposure, & Return


Return To School

Students or staff who’ve self-quarantined according to the protocols above may return to school based on either (a) time and symptoms, or (b) on test results, as described here:

Symptoms, Exposure, & Return