Summer Programs Registrations Hit Record Number in First Day


2022 Summer Programs at Northridge have opened with a jostling start. “Last year we had the highest number of registrants we’ve ever had,” said Mr. Harrington, director of the Summer Programs. “We were not expecting to overtake that number of registrations on the first day.”  Summer Camp registration opened last week and was met by 700 eager enrollments, beating the 2021 entire total of 672.

These camps offer several opportunities for students to learn new skills and to grow. Robotics Camp teaches students how to design and pilot their own robots- something that could be extraordinarily useful in the future. And Basketball camp offers detailed and personal instruction from a former Division 1 basketball coach, Coach Will Rey.

The most popular enrollment is the Dangerous Camp for Boys– run by Mr. Harrington. “Danger’s my middle name,” he quipped. Dangerous Camp includes treasure hunts, water balloon battles, Nerf wars, and other activities that are so fun that they should be illegal. “We added a couple of new camps too, and those filled up this year right away,” said Mr. Harrington. “Fishing 101 sold out in about an hour.”

River rafting, rocket building, and archery are prime examples of the outdoor excitement that Northridge offers every summer. “These camps are about giving young men opportunities to do things that they couldn’t do elsewhere.”

Though these camps are a way of giving kids a chance to learn and have fun, there’s another driving factor behind them. “It’s a way for students to get to know Northridge and to give them a taste of what it’s like to be a knight,” said Mr. Harrington. The camps we offer are instructed by Northridge faculty who are assisted by Northridge students and alumni.

Dan Kaiser, a current Northridge Senior, was introduced to the Northridge community through Dangerous Camp. “It really helped me meet my future classmates and friends,” said Kaiser. 

Students and Faculty are looking forward to having a blast this summer at the Northridge, and we’re looking forward to hosting eager, curious, and adventurous campers. 


To view all summer program offerings and to register: CLICK HERE

Written by Joe Rudolph ’22

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