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Summer Camp FAQs – in light of COVID-19


Will Northridge be holding summer camps this summer? Yes! While we had to cancel some June camps and reschedule some others, we will be resuming with our planned camp schedule in July. Please see the updated schedule by clicking here.

How will Northridge take care of the health of summer campers? Northridge will be following the Illinois Department of Health’s guidelines for camps. These guidelines include:

  • Limiting camp groups to no more than ten campers (if in Phase III), and fifty campers (if in Phase IV). We will accomplish this by creating mini-teams of (max) 10 in each camp
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Having all employees (not campers) wear face masks when less than 6 ft. from others
  • Sanitizing all shared equipment and common areas between uses
  • Washing hands between all activities
  • Checking campers’ and employees’ temperatures when they arrive in the morning

What if a camper comes down with COVID-19? As per IL Department of Health guidelines, we will hold the camper in isolation until a parent can pick them up and sanitize all equipment rigorously. Under most circumstances we would not cancel the entire camp.

Will camp activities be significantly different on account of these changes? Largely, no. Many of our camps’ structures can be easily adjusted to allow for social distancing. However, the Dangerous Camp for Boys and Jr. Dangerous Camp for boys will need to undergo some significant changes to ensure that campers remain safe and healthy.

What changes will the Dangerous Camp and Jr. Dangerous Camp undergo? Changes to the Dangerous Camp and Jr. Dangerous Camp include: a 40-camper limit, moving camps outdoors, limiting camps to three hours, providing after-camp activities for campers, and repeating the same camp format each week. For more information, please see attached letter detailing the changes to Dangerous Camps.

Doesn’t the Dangerous Camp for Boys have more than 40 campers? How will you meet the 40 camper limit? We sincerely regret the need to cut camp numbers – but it was required for us to confidently meet the Dept. of Health Guidelines. In order to fairly handle who gets a spot in the camp, we will be doing a lottery for spots in the Dangerous Camp for Boys.

How will the lottery for the Dangerous Camp for Boys work? The lottery is open only to those with campers currently registered in the Dangerous Camp for Boys. These families have already received a link to a Google Form that they will fill out and submit by Wednesday, June 10th. We will randomly choose spots in the camp. By Monday, June 15th, we will share the list of campers who received a spot in camp. For more details on the lottery, please see the attached letter detailing the changes to Dangerous Camps.

Is there a lottery for the Jr. Dangerous Camp for Boys? No. Because the Jr. Dangerous Camp for Boys is already limited to 40 campers, no lottery is needed.

My son didn’t get a spot in the Dangerous Camp lottery…now what? We will move campers that did not get a spot in the lottery to the top of the waitlist. We sincerely hope that we will be able to get all campers who previously had spots into the Dangerous Camp.

My son is on the waitlist for the Dangerous Camp for Boys/Jr. Dangerous Camp for Boys. Does he still have a chance of getting in? Yes. If we do not fill our camps through the lottery, we will start to admit students from the waitlist in the order in which they signed up.

What if I do not want my son to participate in the Dangerous Camps?

For Dangerous Camp simply do not fill out the Google Form. We will issue full refunds automatically to families who opt out of the lottery.

For Jr. Dangerous Camp please email Camp Director Phil Davis at pdavis@northridgeprep.org no later than Wednesday, July 1 and we will issue a full refund.

Are refunds available for camps besides the Dangerous Camp for Boys and Jr. Dangerous Camp for Boys? Yes. We understand that not everyone can or should participate in camps. We will issue full refunds upon request to those who are no longer able to participate. Please email Camp Director Phil Davis at pdavis@northridgeprep.org at least two weeks before the camp’s start date to request a refund. Per usual, we cannot issue refunds for any reason–sickness, injury, etc.–once a camp has begun.

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Normal Summer Camp FAQs

If I have a question, who do I contact? Please email your son’s Camp Director for camp-specific questions. The names and email addresses of all Camp Directors can be found on their camp page on www.northridgeprep.org/summer. Have a more general question? Contact us at summer@northridgeprep.org.

How do I get updates, daily schedules, and more about my son’s camp? Before each camp, Directors will email all parents with schedule information, updates, or specific details pertaining to your son’s camp.

When will Camp Directors send updates? All Camp Directors will send email reminders / updates 2 months, 1 month, and 1 week before your son’s camp.

Does Northridge supply Before or After Care During Camp? There is no specified before & aftercare services provided. That being said, please contact individual camp directors if there are situations that arise. There will be people in the building and campers can wait in the atrium before and after camp.

I’m on the waitlist for a camp. Now what? Even if a camp is full, you can still save his seat on the waitlist. Your credit card will not be charged when you save his seat on the waitlist. If your son is taken off the waitlist, you will be contacted to pay your due balance.

When Do I Pick Up & Drop Off My Son?

For Camps at Northridge: Campers will sign in and sign out at the beginning and end of camp in the atrium. Walk-in through the front doors where there are two Northridge Summer Flags.

For Camps NOT at Northridge [Dangerous Camp, Jr. Dangerous Camp and Golf]: Campers should drive to their respective locations, where they will be checked in.

Will camps be canceled or change dates? No. Under no circumstances will camps be canceled by the Administration of Northridge Summer Programs.

My Son Has Allergies. What if he needs an Epipen injection? Individual Camp Directors will have information available about your son’s allergies through the sign-up process. However, it is important that if your son will be outdoors and needs an Epi-Pen, that he carries it with him at all times.

What if my son doesn’t fall in the right age range for a given camp? If your son does not fall in the age range of a particular camp you want to sign him up for, please contact the individual camp director to ask if it is OK