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About Extracurricular Clubs and Elective Courses

High School Clubs

Extracurricular clubs are a great way to build friendships, to have fun, and to grow in the practice of student leadership, which is a hallmark of the Northridge experience.

  • Clubs take place at various times. Some are full-for-credit classes in addition to meeting outside of class. Others meet before school, or during our extended lunch period, or after school.
  • Our Math, Debate, Robotics and Chess clubs compete outside school and also at regional and state competitions, where they have consistently placed among the best schools in Illinois.

High School Elective Period

Northridge offers a wide range of elective courses to enrich our students’ education beyond our strong, core-academic classes.

  • These courses are taken for credit and students receive grades for their course work.  Electives are intended to be less intense and have fewer homework assignments than core-academic classes, but as with any academic class at Northridge, students are expected to complete all assignments and projects given.
  • For the Fall of 2019 only, students will be allowed to drop an elective course and switch into a study hall within the first two weeks of classes.  This allowance is intended to assist the high school students through the transition from non-credit activities to for-credit electives.
  • Students can choose their own elective schedule, but parent approval will be necessary.  Some courses will fill up and preference is given to students in higher grade levels.
  • Most elective courses meet two days per week:
    • Tuesday / Thursday
    • Wednesday / Friday
    • Exception: Band meets Monday – Friday
    • Monday Study Halls: All students have a study hall on Mondays during the elective period, unless they are taking Band

Middle School Activity Period: 

Activity Period provides a time in the school day for students to experience and learn non-core subject matter.

  • Activity Period meets 4 days a week ( Monday – Thursday) during the school day
  • Most clubs will meet two days per week on either:
    • Monday & Wednesday
    • Tuesday & Thursday
  • There will be no grades or marks except for:
    • Middle School Band

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Clubs & Extracurriculars

Clubs & Extracurriculars

8320 Ballard Rd, Niles, IL 60714
Tel: 847.375.0600 Fax: 847.375.0606