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  • Saturday March 7, 2020
  • 7:00 pm
  • Northridge Preparatory School (8320 Ballard Rd. Niles, IL 60714)
  • Cost:
    • $20 Admit One
    • $30 Admit Couple
    • $15 Northridge Parent / Couple
    • $20 Childcare (for one or more children)
  • Refreshments follow the presentation


Our children live in a world that poses challenging ideas regarding homosexuality, transgenderism, and sexual identity. As parents, we want to lead our children to the truth and help them to communicate it in a kind, loving way that upholds the dignity of every person. But how?

Be our guest as Dr. Ana Samuel, the Academic Director of CanaVox, provides insights at Northridge’s Parent University. Ana has spoken widely on these topics, and her YouTube videos have garnered thousands of views. We are fortunate to have her join us.

The evening will be helpful, intellectually stimulating, and a social experience for both you and your spouse. We hope to see you there!



Dr. Samuel’s presentation will address how to help your children understand these topics at different ages, and how to guide them through the scenarios they might encounter, and questions they might ask, such as:

  • “Our lesbian neighbors are such kind, fun-loving people — and nice moms too. I don’t see what’s wrong with being gay.”
  • “That TV show is really interesting and fun to watch. Why can’t I watch it? The homosexual subplot isn’t even that important to the main storyline.” 
  • “My classmate Jane says she is a boy now. How should I interact with her / him? Should I use the transgender pronouns?”



Northridge’s Parenting Forum is dedicated to sharing best practices and helpful ideas for raising children of character. The Parenting Forum is a space for parents to enjoy a night out, build friendships, and consider important ideas about parenting.

All Parenting Forums take place at Northridge Preparatory School in Niles. Childcare will be provided at all Parent University events for $20 regardless of the number of children. Wine, cheese, and other refreshments will be served.



Parenting Forum: "Sex, Gender, and Integrity: Helping Our Children Understand"

Ana Samuel, Ph.D

Academic Director, CanaVox

Ana is a Research Scholar at the Witherspoon Institute, and the Academic Director of CanaVox, a marriage and sexual integrity movement that promotes reading and discussion groups around the world to discover why marriage is such a masterpiece of society and sexual integrity so enriching for all. Ana oversees the reading list for CanaVox and ensures that the articles and stories meet high academic standards, have heart, and conform to CanaVox’s principles and cheer points. A graduate of Princeton University, she earned a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame where she focused on early modern political philosophy and sexual ethics. She and her husband are the grateful parents of six.