The Plan

Classes will continue remotely through the end of the 2019-20 academic year.


Remote Classes Schedule

Remote Classes

  • Remote (live) class begins daily at 8:15 am, Monday – Friday.
  • Three classes per day, following the schedule above.
  • Office hours as scheduled above (blue boxes). These are optional for students to attend.
  • Additionally, students will have daily assignments posted in onCampus.




What students should do:What students can expect from teachers:

  • Attend morning classes
  • If you miss a class: message your teacher and follow his instructions
  • Follow appropriate zoom etiquette
  • Attire: wear a collared shirt


  • Check onCampus daily to find your assignments and check messages
  • Submit assignments by 10:00 pm each day
  • Complete assignments with integrity


  • Check onCampus messages daily
  • Message teachers as often as needed; messages sent after 1pm may be replied-to the next day

Office Hours

  • If you need help, use a teacher’s office hours
  • History, English, Religion teachers don’t have scheduled office hours but will set up time with you, if you request it
Classes & Tests

  • Will record attendance in each class and require make-up work for missed classes
  • Will schedule timed tests to occur only during class time


  • Will post assignments for the week by Sunday evening – both in the Bulletin Board, and in the Assignment Center
  • Will make assignments due at 10:00 pm


  • Will check for your onCampus messages daily, and reply same or next day

Office Hours

  • Will be on their Zoom link during scheduled office hours
  • Will schedule individual office hours for students, if needed


What Parents should do:

If your son will be absent, follow normal procedure:

  • Parents: report his absence to Nancy Kopecky:, (847) 375-0600 x100
  • Students: should contact his teacher to make up class

Communicate. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your son’s teacher, if needed



For academic questions:

For onCampus questions: Carol Corter, or call (847) 375-0600 x101

For attendance: Nancy Kopecky, or call (847) 375-0600 x100

For behavior, health and/or travel questions: Emmett McGovern,

Important Communications


April 21 – End of Year Plans

March 27 – Monday’s Start & the new learning plan

March 21 – Updates on various topics

March 15 – Considerations for the Time Ahead

March 10 – Coronavirus Update