REMOTE CLASSES (Spring 2020)

The Plan

Classes will continue remotely through the end of the 2019-20 academic year.


Remote Classes Schedule

Remote Classes (Spring 2020)

  • Remote (live) class begins daily at 8:15 am, Monday – Friday.
  • Three classes per day, following the schedule above.
  • Office hours as scheduled above (blue boxes). These are optional for students to attend.
  • Additionally, students will have daily assignments posted in onCampus.




What students should do: What students can expect from teachers:

  • Attend morning classes
  • If you miss a class: message your teacher and follow his instructions
  • Follow appropriate zoom etiquette
  • Attire: wear a collared shirt


  • Check onCampus daily to find your assignments and check messages
  • Submit assignments by 10:00 pm each day
  • Complete assignments with integrity


  • Check onCampus messages daily
  • Message teachers as often as needed; messages sent after 1pm may be replied-to the next day

Office Hours

  • If you need help, use a teacher’s office hours
  • History, English, Religion teachers don’t have scheduled office hours but will set up time with you, if you request it
Classes & Tests

  • Will record attendance in each class and require make-up work for missed classes
  • Will schedule timed tests to occur only during class time


  • Will post assignments for the week by Sunday evening – both in the Bulletin Board, and in the Assignment Center
  • Will make assignments due at 10:00 pm


  • Will check for your onCampus messages daily, and reply same or next day

Office Hours

  • Will be on their Zoom link during scheduled office hours
  • Will schedule individual office hours for students, if needed


What Parents should do:

If your son will be absent, follow normal procedure:

  • Parents: report his absence to Nancy Kopecky:, (847) 375-0600 x100
  • Students: should contact his teacher to make up class

Communicate. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your son’s teacher, if needed

School is closed physically till further notice. School will continue remotely as long as we are closed physically.

The Plan

Spring Break (March 23 -27): No Classes.


Week after Spring Break (March 30 – April 3): 8:15 am daily, Monday – Friday, one or two classes each day: This week begins a “soft launch” of remote classes. Students will have one or two classes per day, beginning at 8:15 am, Monday through Friday. Classes will be taught live by teachers and recorded in case a student misses one. In addition to the classes, your son will continue to have daily assignments posted in onCampus, and teachers will have scheduled office hours.


Monday, April 6: Full remote teaching begins: 3-classes-per-day, beginning at 8:15 am, Monday – Friday: Our full plan for remote classes will have three classes every morning, rotating through each of your son’s courses. These will be live classes, taught remotely by the teachers (and recorded). The three classes will start at 8:15 am and finish by 12 noon, followed in the afternoon by scheduled (but optional) office hours with teachers.


A detailed schedule for the weeks of March 30 and April 6, with student & teacher expectations, will be posted by end of Wednesday, March 25.



For academic questions:

For onCampus questions: Carol Corter, or call (847) 375-0600 x101

For attendance: Nancy Kopecky, or call (847) 375-0600 x100

For behavior, health and/or travel questions: Emmett McGovern,

Important Communications


April 21 – End of Year Plans

March 27 – Monday’s Start & the new learning plan

March 21 – Updates on various topics

March 15 – Considerations for the Time Ahead

March 10 – Coronavirus Update