Prospective Students Visit From Embers Academy

This past Tuesday, 14 young men from Embers Academy shadowed the 6th graders at Northridge. The students that shadowed are currently in 5th grade and are considering attending Northridge next year. 

The Embers shadows were introduced to life at Northridge. “The step from 5th to 6th grade is huge,” said Mr. Harrington, a middle school teacher at Northridge. “It’s important for incoming students to adjust to the schedule, extracurriculars, and workloads of middle school.” 

The Embers students attended classes with 6th graders, toured the campus with Mr. Egan, and also enjoyed their fair share of activities, including a pizza party at lunch!

Anthony Beckerly, a prospective student, especially enjoyed playing soccer and sword fighting during a special break in the school schedule. Another shadow was excited that they didn’t need a teacher’s permission to leave school after the final bell had rang.  

The shadow group’s 6th period was gym class, where they enjoyed Coach Egle’s enthusiasm. “Get in line soldiers,” he said as they prepared to play dodgeball. 


Written by Joe Rudolph ’22

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