New Families

Welcome to the Northridge Family!

We are thrilled that you and your son are joining our school and we look forward to seeing you here for the 2020-21 school year! We hope you find this page helpful and informative.


Immediate Actions Required

Within a few days of enrolling, please complete the following:

Key Dates & Required Actions Over the Summer

  • August 11: 9th Grade Orientation Day (9am – 6:00pm)
  • August 14: Middle School Orientation
    • 6th Grade: 1:30 – 3:30pm
    • 7th & 8th Grade: 2:30 – 4:30pm      
  • August 10-11: 9th Grade Orientation Trip
  • August 14: Middle School Orientation (6th – 8th grades)
  • August 20 – 28: Soft-launch to the school year (Half the student body each day)
  • August 31: Resume full school (All students to return each day)

Over the summer, please be sure to:

  1. Do your Summer Reading
  2. Purchase Attire – Uniform (Middle School) or Dress Code (High School)
  3. Purchase School Supplies
  4. Complete Health Forms
  5. Attend New Student Orientation

Orientation Events

Middle School

Middle School Orientation (Grades 6-8) – August 14 at 1:30pm.

At Middle School Orientation students will learn about Northridge traditions, hear from our Headmaster Mr. Niall Fagan and student leaders, and discover what it means to be a Northridge Knight. On a more functional level, students will receive their academic schedules, locker assignments, tour the School, and locate classrooms in the building. Parents will learn about procedures as a new parent at the School and have the opportunity to ask questions. More questions? Please contact Mr. Joe Rhee, Head of Middle School, at

These Health Forms need to be completed and brought to Middle School Orientation. You can learn more about these forms on the Health Forms page.

  1. Physician’s Examination
  2. Vision Exam
  3. Dental Exam


6th Grade Ice Cream Social – August 27 at 7:00pm.

All 6th graders and their families are invited to the 6th Grade Social. It’s a great opportunity to meet the other families in the grade. Only sweets will be served, so have dinner beforehand.

High School

9th Grade Orientation Day – August 11 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

This day-long event, held at the school, will be for all Freshmen, both new and returning students. Several Freshmen faculty and administrators, including Mr. Niall Fagan, as well as senior leaders, will attend the day. The event will both introduce the students to each other and to the ways of Northridge. It will include discussions on how to study, aiming high for college, and how to best take advantage of your teachers and advisors. It should be both fun and formative.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Peter Fletcher, Head of High School, at

All School

Northridge Family Picnic – CANCELLED FOR 2020-21

This event is for all Northridge families, in all grades. We’ll have special seating sections for the 6th and 9th grade families. Further information will be sent to families in the summer. We encourage you and your entire family to join us!

Academics Information

Creating Your Son’s Course Schedule. We will email your son’s math placement within three weeks of his math placement test. If we are not able to accommodate your son’s language preference (a rare occurrence), we will contact you over the summer.

Our Head of School (Mr. Joe Rhee, Middle School / Mr. Peter Fletcher, High School) will then build the rest of your son’s course schedule – and the school’s schedule – around his Math, Language, and Activity / Elective choices. His courses will generally follow our curriculum, as outlined on our website for High School or Middle School. Your son’s complete course schedule will be emailed to you by late July (or, if you enroll over the summer, it will be viewable in onCampus by mid-August).

Middle School

Activities. In Middle School, there is an “Activity” class period each day devoted to clubs. These clubs are non-graded. A guide for such activities can be found here to help your son choose a club that may interest him. Most occur twice or three times a week, so in most cases, your son can be in two different clubs. Note: The only Middle School club that does not meet during this period is our Robotics Team. 

  • Will my son get his request? They are subject to availability, we try to give students his first or second choice. You’ll see which Activity he received when you view his course schedule in our school system, onCampus. 

Languages. Northridge 7th and 8th graders take Latin. 6th Graders will take Language Arts, where there is a focus on grammar, writing, and Latin roots.  For any middle schooler interested, Exploratory Spanish is offered as a Monday/Wednesday/Friday activity, for credit.  In High School, students will choose to concentrate on either Latin or Spanish. 

What do you need to do? All new families should complete the survey to submit Activity requests. This includes the option to take Spanish in 8th grade (see below).  Complete the activity request form by clicking the button below!

High School

Electives. In the high school there is a class period in the day devoted to elective course offerings. These electives are graded, for-credit courses. In August you will receive an email from our Head of High School, Mr. Fletcher, detailing the year’s offerings and a sign-up process for your son to choose his electives. We recommend you review these elective offerings with your son.

  • Will my son get his Elective request? They are subject to availability, we try to give students their first or second choice. You’ll see which Elective he received when you view his course schedule in our school system, onCampus.

Choosing Latin or Spanish. Northridge offers a choice between Latin and Spanish in grades 9–12. Note: 9th Graders take either Spanish 1 or Latin 1 (no prior experience necessary for either).

What do you need to do? All 9th Grade students must complete the form below to select their elective preferences. All other grades (10th – 12th) will be contacted by the Head of High School, Mr. Peter Fletcher ( to be guided through the elective selection process.

Textbooks, Technology, & onCampus

Textbooks & Technology. Textbooks will be distributed during the first few days of school by each faculty member. All textbooks are the property of Northridge. Once received by your son, he will be responsible for the condition of his books. Your son will receive login information for the student laptop computers at Northridge at New Student Orientation.

OnCampus. This is a password­-protected internet site that allows teachers and the administration to communicate information with students and parents such as grades, homework, and course syllabi. Your ID and Password used for the admissions process is the same for OnCampus. At New Student Orientation, your son will receive an activation code in order to access the system as well.

Math & Language Placement Information

new fam3

Math Placement Exam Information

Proper placement of your son in his math course is very important to us. As a result, Northridge does require a math placement exam for all incoming students (grades 6-9).

  • How It Will Work. The admissions team will schedule a time slot for your son to take the math placement exam on campus. This test will be completed electronically through a Google form. We are able to facilitate remote-testing via Zoom, should extenuating circumstances prevent your son from being able to attend in person. The exam will be monitored, with a proctor available to answer any questions.
  • Sign-up. Please contact Michele Whalen (, our admissions coordinator, to schedule a Math Placement Test.
  • The Test. All questions will be multiple choice. Your son will have a quiet space to test, potentially with other students in a sanitary and socially distanced environment. Additionally, having a pencil and extra paper will be important to work through the problems.
  • Grading and Results. Our Math Department Chair, with the Heads of School and Admissions Director, will evaluate the test results and place your son in the appropriate math course. We’ll communicate with you about his placement within two weeks of the exam.

For any further questions, please contact Joe Egan, Admissions Director (


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Lanuage Questionnaire

Choosing Latin or Spanish. Northridge requires students in 7th and 8th grade to take Latin, and offers a choice between Latin and Spanish in grades 9–12 (with Spanish taken as an elective). Note: 9th Graders take either Spanish 1 or Latin 1 (no prior experience necessary for either).

If your son is entering 9th grade or above, please fill out the below online survey to select his language track. The deadline for this survey to be completed is Monday, June 1.


Middle School. Summer music instruction is highly recommended for new middle school students interested in middle school music ensembles. Please contact Northridge Music Director, Mr. John Riccobono,, if your son plays a musical instrument. Middle School students can participate in the following ensembles:

  • Middle School Band
  • Northridge String Ensemble
  • Middle School Jazz Band
  • Sixth Grade Music (required; full year).The sixth grade music class will study music through the following elements:
    • note reading and music theory through study of piano
    • rhythm through introduction to percussion
    • performance and ensemble playing through study of a wind instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or baritone horn)
    • music history through listening and study via online media resources

High School. There are required actions for new high school students interested in joining the Northridge Band. Please contact Music Director, Mr. John Riccobono,, for more information on summer activities. High School students can participate in the following ensembles:

  • High School Concert Band

  • High School Jazz Band

  • Northridge String Ensemble
  • A Cappella Choir


Middle School Athletics

Fall: Soccer and Cross Country
Winter: Basketball and Wrestling (club)
Spring: Baseball and Golf

  • There are no special forms required to participate in Middle School athletics, just a sign-up.
  • Middle School teams do not meet over the summer.
  • Note: we have a no-cut policy in Middle School, so there are no tryouts prior to start of practice

2020-2021 Middle School Athletics Registration
If your son would like to participate in the Northridge middle school soccer, cross country and/or basketball programs next school year, now is the time to register. Please click on the below prompt(s) to complete the registration process. Basic details of the season are available within the links. Please note: spring sport registration will be available once the school year begins.

Cross CountryClick Here
SoccerClick Here  (Sign-up deadline is July 17)
BasketballClick Here

If you have any questions about the Middle School Athletic Program, please contact Coach Patrick Hunt, MS Athletic Director, at

High School Athletics

Fall: Cross Country, Golf, and Soccer
Winter: Basketball and Wrestling
Spring: Baseball, Tennis, and Track & Field

If your son is interested in participating in high school athletics at Northridge, please take the following steps:

1. Contact the coach listed below for the sport your son is interested in playing at Northridge. They will tell you the tryout dates and times and will answer any questions you may have. Summer schedules will be posted in the spring.

2. Complete the Athletic Participation Packet (APP) and return it to the Northridge Main Office prior to athletics participation. Find the 2020-21 APP here.

If you have any questions regarding high school athletic participation, please contact Coach Will Rey, Athletic Director, at

IMG_9858 (1)-2

Class Coordinators 2020-21

Class Coordinators foster the community within their class. They take the lead on organizing social events for your grade. They’ll also keep the class updated on news from time to time, and ensure a sufficient number of your class has volunteered for the school event which your grade is responsible for. And, they are there to listen and help if you ever need it.

Please refer to the School Directory for the contact info for each Class Coordinator. The class coordinators for the 2020-21 school year is as follows:

  • 6th Grade: Molly Kurt (Lead), Eileen Finlay, Donna Krause
  • 7th Grade: Betsy Rodriguez (Lead), Kimberly Kurkowski, Anne Mazzone
  • 8th Grade: Sabrina Toro (Lead), Cathy Mullen, Kristin Hansen
  • 9th Grade: Maura Spingola (Lead), Kristen Lolli, Susanne McNamara
  • 10th Grade: Maria Athey (Lead), Alyssa Barrett , Marianne Potter
  • 11th Grade: Shawn Mongoven (Lead), Kristen Brown, Suzie Coleman
  • 12th Grade: Jen Schuler (Lead), Lourdes Vian, Lucia Roman

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