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Lunch Program


Northridge offers a daily hot lunch program, provided by the nearby “Brunch Cafe” restaurant. On this page, you'll find ordering information, about the design and goals, and FAQ's.

  • Menu:  Click here for this semester’s menu
  • Price: $7.50 / meal
  • Ordering & payment:  Sign up online here, and you don’t need to do anything more. At the end of each month we’ll charge your TADS account for the next month’s meals.

DEADLINES: 25th of the month (except for August)  

  • For August & September: sign up by August 19 and you’re registered for both August & September.
  • For October & all following months: Sign up anytime by the 25th of the month, to be added to the next month’s meal plan. For example, to start getting meals in October, sign up by September 25th.
  • To make changes or cancel: email Mr. Chong by the 25th of the month; changes or cancellation will go into effect the next month.

Monthly Fees


Design & Goals

Meal Plans can be purchased for either:

  • 5 Days a week, Monday – Friday
  • 3 Days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 2 Days a week, Tuesday, Thursday

See below for the monthly charge for each of these plans.

What’s included. Full plate of hot lunch; salad bar daily; plastic ware; water. About once a week, on feast days or special days, milk and dessert will be included (see menu for these days).

Sign up once and forget about it. Once you sign up, you are enrolled for the year. You do NOT need to sign up again each month. Unless you decide to modify or cancel the subscription – which you can do any time – each month your TADS account will be automatically charged for the month’s meal plan.

Month’s fee adjusted for actual meal days. Each month’s fee will be adjusted for the actual days of school (or Hall Fests, etc.). So you will be billed only for those days when your son would eat lunch in the Northridge cafeteria. See below for the monthly charge for each of these plans.

Modifying or cancelling. To make changes or cancel: please email your request to Mr. Chong. Changes & cancellations must be made by the 25th of the month.

Our Goals

Good, healthy and plentiful food. God made food pleasurable, he wants us to eat well, it is good for our boys to experience this – which means plentiful, healthy and tasty. Every meal will also include a salad bar, which the boys can return to as often as they want.

Reasonable cost. The combination of healthy, plentiful and tasty is hard to achieve at a low price. But we can lower the cost by having just one menu each day (minimizing complexities), delivering in bulk quantities (rather than individually packaged), and eliminating middle men (Northridge operates the signup and billing process).

Price. By doing the above we’re able to get good meals at $7.50 each day. Northridge makes no profit on this.

Training our students to not be picky. Having one menu a day not only lowers cost. It also helps our boys learn to eat what is in front of them, which is important in becoming a man.

Desserts on Feast Days. Dessert is great – and ideally on a limited basis. Also, Feast Days are a wonderful tradition in the Catholic Church and good for the boys to learn to celebrate. So, we have desserts on Feast Days – a cookie or similar plus box of milk. This averages to dessert once a week – some weeks twice and some weeks with none. On Feast Days, we put out a placard in the cafeteria explaining the feast or saint of that day.

Water only. We’ll serve milk on feast days, but otherwise just water. The cafeteria has a water + ice dispenser, available to every student regardless of whether they are on the lunch plan. Those on the lunch plan will be given a disposable cup.

Serving. The food is delivered hot, in pans. Northridge staff and seniors will then serve it out to the students, who will have meal trays and disposable plates, silverware, napkins and cups. The portion size is generous, but if students are hungry after the first serving, and there are leftovers, they can come back for seconds. In addition, the salad bar will be available every day for multiple servings.


Have multiple sons? When you sign up, you can put each on the same or different plan.

Snow Days. We are not able to offer refunds for snow days, unfortunately. The food will have been ordered in advance.

Field Trips & Absences. There will be no refunds for field trips or absences. Field trip dates frequently change and are not possible to schedule in this system.

Sick and Absent students. If a student is sick or absent, parents can pick up the student’s lunch at school. Alternatively, parents can donate their lunch to teachers or students.

Refunds. Once billed, we cannot offer refunds. The food will have been planned and ordered. Obviously, please go in and cancel or modify your subscription for the next cycle.

Allergies. The menu is nut-free. Otherwise, unfortunately, the single menu approach does not accommodate allergies. Depending on the severity of the allergy, you can plan ahead by looking at the menu and supplementing that day’s meal with something from home.

Questions? Please contact Mr. Chong at [email protected] or (847) 375-0600.


The Brunch Cafe is located on Dempster Ave, a 3-minute drive from Northridge. They are small, family owned, with a few restaurants and catering businesses in the Northwest Suburbs. They have good food, attention to details, and importantly: generous portions. Their food is cooked from scratch daily and delivered hot to Northridge just before the start of lunch. Each month the Brunch Cafe prepares a new menu, which you will find above and is also sent via Knightly News.

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