Health Forms

The state of Illinois requires a number of health forms for your son as he enters Northridge. Please see below for a description of each form. All of these forms may be downloaded below or they can be obtained at the time of examination.

These forms may be turned into the Front Office or brought to Orientation.

  • Physician’s Examination. A completed Physician’s Examination form is required for all incoming students. For those in the 6th or 9th grade, it must have been completed within the last 6 months. Click here to download the Physician’s Examination form.
  • Vision Exam. All students entering a school in the state of Illinois for the first time must present proof of a recent eye exam. For students entering Northridge from other schools in the state of Illinois, the exam performed at the time of their enrollment in the previous school will suffice. Click here to download the Vision Exam form.
  • Dental Exam. All students in the state of Illinois must have proof of a dental exam. For those in the 6th or 9th grade, this exam needs to have been completed in the last 18 months. Click here to download the form from the IDPH (IL Dept of Public Health) website.

Have a question regarding the health forms? Contact Nancy Kopecky, Receptionist, at or (847) 375-0600.

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