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One Team to Support Our Knights

Our partnership with parents depends on the generous dedication of our wonderful parents. The Mothers Club and Class Coordinators build community, foster unity, and are always ready to welcome families into our community at school functions, events, and more. Interested in being involved? Contact Mrs. Laura Bennett at lbennett@northridgeprep.org.

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Class Coordinators 2020-21

Class Coordinators foster the community within their class. They take the lead on organizing social events for your grade. They’ll also keep the class updated on news from time to time, and ensure a sufficient number of your class has volunteered for the school event which your grade is responsible for. And, they are there to listen and help if you ever need it.

Please refer to the School Directory for the contact info for each Class Coordinator. The class coordinators for the 2020-21 school year is as follows:

  • 6th Grade: Molly Kurt (Lead), Eileen Finlay, Donna Krause
  • 7th Grade: Betsy Rodriguez (Lead), Kimberly Kurkowski, Anne Mazzone
  • 8th Grade: Sabrina Toro (Lead), Cathy Mullen, Kristin Hansen
  • 9th Grade: Maura Spingola (Lead), Kristen Lolli, Susanne McNamara
  • 10th Grade: Maria Athey (Lead), Alyssa Barrett , Marianne Potter
  • 11th Grade: Shawn Mongoven (Lead), Kristen Brown, Suzie Coleman
  • 12th Grade: Jen Schuler (Lead), Lourdes Vian, Lucia Roman
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