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Northridge Bus Program

Overview. Northridge provides a morning bus service every school day from the Westmont Area.

Want a bus service in your area? We are able and happy to provide a bus service from wherever there is a sufficient number of families who would use it. We can provide a morning bus, afternoon, or both. Typically, it takes 7 or 8 families minimum. If you believe you have sufficient interest, please contact Mr. Chong to discuss feasibility.

Westmont Pickup : St. James Crossing

  • Schedule: 7:20 am departure from St. James; 8:15 am arrival at Northridge.
  • Behavior and Cell Phone Use. In general, all Northridge standards are in force on the school bus, including dress code, good behavior and the “No Cell Phone Use” rule both while on the bus and at school.
  • Fee: The Westmont bus service cost $ 1,810.00 for the full year, charged to TADS.
  • Point of Contact. Mr. Hugo Chong,  hchong@northridgeprep.org, (847) 375-0600, x432.
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