Volunteer at Northridge!

Meet new parents and give back by helping us with our community events. Use the link below to sign up (first time users need to create an account). Thank you!

Orientation & Start of Year

If you are interested in helping out at any of our quickly approaching August events, please call Jen Castle at 847-757-5550 or email jcastle@northridgeprep.org. Thank you!

  • Middle School Orientation (4 volunteers needed)
  • Freshman Parent Orientation (3 volunteers needed)
  • Northridge Family Picnic (10 volunteers needed)

First Semester Events


  • Cookie Dough Baking (6 volunteers needed)
  • Cookie Dough Sorting (15 volunteers needed)
  • Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences (3 volunteers needed each day)
  • Fall Sports Awards (4 volunteers needed)
  • Christmas Decorating (12 volunteers needed)
  • Winter Concert (3 volunteers needed each day)
  • Removing Christmas Decorations (8 volunteers needed)

Second Semester Events

  • Trivia Night (6 volunteers needed)
  • Grandparent's Lunch (8 volunteers needed)
  • Winter Parent-Teacher Conferences (3 volunteers needed each night)
  • Mardi Gras Bake Sale (unlimited volunteers needed)
  • Mother-Son Luncheon (8 volunteers needed )
  • Winter Sports Awards (3 volunteers needed)
  • Dinner at the Ridge (27 volunteers needed )
  • Spring Concert (3 volunteers)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (4 volunteers each day that week)

Year-Round Volunteering

  • Altar Flowers. Flowers are needed on the front of the altar (stems cut and flowers laid on the edge), as well in a vase of water in front of Our Lady Of Guadalupe’s mosaic (near the entrance to the Chapel). The Chairperson will arrange a schedule for all the volunteers.
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