Northridge Class Coordinators

Class Coordinators foster the community within their class. They take the lead on organizing social events for your grade. They’ll also keep the class updated on news from time to time, and ensure a sufficient number of your class has volunteered for the school event which your grade is responsible for. And, they are there to listen and help if you ever need it.


Class Coordinators for 2019-20

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Please refer to the School Directory for the contact info for each Class Coordinator

6th Grade

Lead: Kim Kurkowski

Assistant: Betsy Rodriguez

Assistant: Pascale Burns

6th Grade School event: Saint Nicholas Day, Dec. 6th


7th Grade

Lead: Cathy Mullen

Assistant: Sabrina Toro

7th Grade School event: 8th Grade Graduation, June 4th 


8th Grade

Assistant: Mary Nomellini

Assistant: Molly Kurt

Assistant: Rebecca (Becca) Brown

8th Grade School event: Staff Christmas Luncheon, Dec. 16th


9th Grade

Lead: Alyssa Barrett

Assistant: Maria Athey

Assistant: Jackie Elvekrog

9th Grade School event: Spring Open House, April 5th


10th Grade

Lead: Grettel Donahue

Assistant: Shawn Mongoven

Assistant: Kristen Brown

10th Grade School event: Fall Open House, Oct. 20th,  Career Day March 12th


11th Grade

Lead: Jennifer Schuler

Assistant: Gwyn Pater

Assistant: Lourdes Arencibia (Vian)

11th Grade School event: Senior Graduation, May 17th


12th Grade

Lead: Martia Sacris

Assistant: Somarly Avilia

Assistant: Judy Figliolo

12th Grade School event: Senior Dinner, Park Ridge Country Club, May 9th