Northridge First Responder Discount

The First responder Discount applies to families whose primary source of income comes from a parent employed full time as a first responder (fire, police, or paramedic). 

The First Responder Discount for the 2022-23  school year is $5,000 per child enrolled at Northridge for the full academic year. The First Responder Discount will be prorated based on the enrollment term if enrollment is partial.

The Northridge First Responder Discount cannot be combined with financial aid, the Sibling Discount, International Host Family Credit, or any other financial accommodation provided by Northridge.

To receive the First Responder Discount for the 2022-23 academic year, your family must: 

  1. Complete enrollment in onCampus [by March 15 for returning families];  
  2. By June 1: Submit a scanned copy of the most recent pay stub of the first responder parent to
    [email protected]

    New Students
    : If the enrollment contract is offered to a new family past June 1, Northridge will honor the First Responder Discount in accordance with the enrollment term.
  3. Once received, Northridge will revise your enrollment contract to reflect the First Responder Discount.

The First responder Discount is not available for international students.

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