New Elective Highlight: International Relations I

This Fall, Mr. Rob Rey ’10 returned to classroom to follow his passion for teaching and international relations by designing a brand-new elective course for High School students at Northridge. Here’s a little more about the course:
  • Course Name: HIST 351: International Relations I: Politics, Conflict & the State
  • Teacher: Mr. Robert Rey ’10
  • Semester: 1st
Description: Mr. Rey’s course combines historical analysis and inquiry into contemporary political problems. This course begins with an examination of the origins for states and their purpose, and then proceeds through a study of the key assumptions of international relations theory, and ends with case studies (from both history and current events) that focus on peace and conflict. By studying works from Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke, Clausewitz, Rousseau, and more, students will also learn to articulate the philosophical underpinnings for the modern state and gain a conceptual and moral view of war and peace

Course Objectives Include:

  1. Students will explain the philosophical underpinnings for the foundation of the modern State.
  2. Students will identify and describe the concepts, vocabulary, and theories of international relations.
  3. Students will articulate a conceptual and moral view of war and peace.
  4. Students will learn how to comprehend, critically analyze, and understand the underlying forces driving international political developments.


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