Parent university a resource for parents raising noble young men

Northridge’s Parent University is a resource for raising a noble young man.

Through lectures, workshops, reading groups and online resources, Parent University provides parents with best practices and practical approaches for navigating the many challenges they face in raising children.

Through its events, Parent University helps foster a community of parents who can share ideas, experiences and friendship.

Mother's Exchange

Mothers Exchanges take place several times a semester in the homes of Northridge families. Some of the meetings occur in the morning after drop-off, and others in the evening. All mothers are encouraged to attend these enriching get-togethers and develop friendships with each other.

  • September 13: 6th Grade Mission Talk
  • September 19: 7-8 Grade Fortitude & Perseverance Talk
  • September 26: 9-10 Grade Fortitude & Perseverance Talk
  • September 28: 11-12 Grade Fortitude & Perseverance Talk
  • October 4: Wine and Cheese for all on Home Advantage
  • November 29: Advent Meditation for Moms (Preached by Northridge chaplain Fr. Leo)