Mother Son Luncheon : A Time of Gratitude

Northridge hosted its first fully operational Mother-Son Luncheon in nearly two years last Wednesday. With an attendance of 390 guests, this year’s luncheon was the largest that Northridge has ever hosted. 

The event began with a special mass delivered by Father Leo. He delivered an important message about families, emphasizing that you can make your family beautiful through love, and that the Northridge moms have especially succeeded in doing this. 

After mass, students and their moms traveled to Cafe de Cave to enjoy lunch. The Northridge Acapella Group, along with an opportunity for family portraits, kept guests entertained before food was served. 

Beyond the raffles and the candy prizes, the most important part of the luncheon was the senior speeches. Northridge seniors were given a chance to offer their appreciation and gratitude for their moms. “Your mother deserves gratitude,” said Mr. Fletcher. “You have an opportunity to say words that will echo in your mom’s heart as you leave home and make your way into the world.”

Many seniors personalized their speeches for their moms. Freddy Jaramillo spoke entirely in Spanish, and Mark Masaka, whose parents were currently in Indiana, facetimed his mom while delivering his speech for her. Several students also brought up some stories to enlighten their love for their moms. This included some trips to the emergency room, recitation of poetry, and an obsession with a band called ABBA.

Although unique, a key pattern in the senior speeches was that they consistently quoted their most recent philosophy courses that they’ve taken at Northridge. Many mentioned John Paul II’s definition of love- a sincere gift of self- in relation to their mom’s sacrifice and dedication for them. Others talked about how their mom’s self-giving was rooted in virtue. Needless to say, the seniors’ words drew tears from their moms.  

Northridge could not be more thankful for the mothers that have raised its students. Their goal of building men of virtue has unquestionably been achieved, and their success cannot go unnoticed. 

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