Middle School Museum and Grandparents Day Combine for an Enjoyable Event

The Middle Schoolers put their projects on display last week during the Middle School Museum. “The Middle School Museum is a way for students to take a hands-on approach on an area of interest, and to dive deeper into the topic through research,” said Mr. Rhee, the Head of Middle School and director of Museum Projects. “Though not formally graded, these projects are always done exceptionally well.” 

The Middle School Grandparents were invited to view our students’ presentations, and some of the parents also attended. “It’s a day for students to show their appreciation for their grandparents,” said Mr. Harrington. “And on the other hand, the museum is an opportunity for middle schoolers to group up & to create a handmade project in one of three time periods.” The Ancient Era & Alexander the Great, The Medieval Era & Early Russia, and The Modern Era & The Vietnam War were the three time periods students were able to research this year. 

These three time periods offered a surplus of phenomenal projects. Several of the presentations grabbed viewers’ attention. Others were beyond unique. Mr. Burns, one of the MSM directors, was amazed at some of the projects on display. 

“One of the groups presented Medieval Kiev and it was the first time a group successfully pulled off a micromap inside of a macro map. The surrounding countries on the poster board made way for Shaun Hollar’s presentation of the medieval fortresses. In the past groups hadn’t been able to pull it off. These guys did. 

“The F1-11 fighter jet presentation had an awesome story behind it. The student who presented it, Peter White, had a grandfather who flew one of these planes in the Vietnam War, and he was one of the first people to successfully eject himself out of an F1-11. Their plane was dressed in camouflage and brilliantly constructed.”

But the most revered project was a drawing of Our Lady of Vladmir. “They spent all Thursday detailing it, and I was blown away by how it turned out. There was even a bid for it,” said Mr. Burns. “Their project was something that could draw you to tears.” The painting sold for about one-hundred dollars. 

Northridge is proud to recognize the middle schoolers who dive into research as they put on an outstanding display of projects and presentations this year. “The great thing about this is that it’s a great opportunity for kids to learn how to schedule time outside of school and work together,” said Mr. Burns. 

After the presentations were seen through, the middle schoolers reunited with their grandparents and families to enjoy lunch in the gymnasium. After spending quality time with each other, families turned to watch the Middle School Band perform several songs. St. Thomas, Patton, and New World Symphony were all performed under the guidance of our music teacher, Mr. Riccobono (you can find the videos on the Northridge Photo Album). 


Our Middle School students worked tirelessly on their projects, and we’re thankful for the grandparents that attended to watch their grandsons present. 

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