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Congratulations! You’ve received $10,000 in funding!

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Sadly, this isn’t what most of us hear on a daily basis. For Northridge graduate Thomas Athey, this is his reality. Thomas ‘20, majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) as well as History as a double major, was recently announced as one of three winners of the 2021 Avinger Impact Fund at Davidson College. The fund awards microgrants of up to $10,000 to Davidson student-entrepreneurs looking to validate and grow their ideas and businesses. Winners are selected based on their commitment to their respective projects, the work and critical thinking skills they bring to the table, and the ever-important written application (Thomas, be sure to thank Mr. Powell for that one!).

Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Portfolio Kings, an education trade group focused on options trading and cryptocurrency investing. Portfolio Kings members pay monthly subscriptions for access to online courses, guides, workshops, group chats, trades, investments, and weekly and daily market analysis. Thomas co-founded Portfolio Kings with fellow Northridge alum Ivan Fediv ‘20 while they were seniors at Northridge. The dynamic duo also lead the Investment and Personal Finance summer camp at Northridge, and have been committed to heading it since 2017. Thanks to all of his determination and drive, Thomas and Portfolio Kings have a strong boost and a chance to further grow their business!

After all of this incredible accomplishment, is it safe to say that the Class of 2020 really is the last great class in Northridge history? Did they set the bar too high? While these successful alums certainly make it appear so, there is hope for the undergrad Knights. Reagan’s “trickle-down” theory must have been right, because the overflowing greatness of the Class of 2020 seems to have poured over onto some of the Knights that followed in their footsteps. Nick Neumayer, Class of ‘21, current Freshman at Loyola University, has written several articles on the current Loyola Ramblers season on the official NBC Sports site. Since the start of the season on November 9th, Nick has already expertly crafted three articles whose literary content would make Tom Herman shed a tear. With his current position as Student Reporter/Writer for Rambler Sports Locker in only his first few months of college life, Nick’s dream of sports journalism is one gigantic leap closer to being realized.

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes Northridge to raise a Knight. Congratulations once again Thomas, Ivan, and Nick!

If interested in reading more about the Avinger Impact Fund, please check out the article here

You can check out all three of Nick’s articles here, on his very own NBC page:


Athey Avinger Award

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