Hassanen Attabi ’19 Publishes First Book

This week, a recent Northridge graduate, Hassanen Attabi ’19, published a poetry anthology entitled “Listen to Me.” Each of the 20 poems in the anthology tells a personal story from the life of people he’s met over the years. Hassanen had this to say about the role Northridge played in the development of the book:

“There’s no way I would have done this if I hadn’t practiced dissecting poetry in Mr. Herman and and Mr. Barder and Mr. Powell’s classes at Northridge. There’s no way I’d be able to find and express the meanings of the stories I’ve heard without classes like that. It was eye-opening to me that this world existed out there.”

Hassanen currently serves in the Marines, where he works as a combat photographer and videographer. He is currently stationed in Okinawa, and plans to pursue on his passion and skill for telling stories after his military service. Congratulations, Hassanen!

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