Times and Cohorts

We’ll commence this year with a “Soft Start.” For the first 6 days of school, we’ll divide the student body into two equal size “Cohorts” who will come on alternating days. 

This approach allows us to fine-tune our procedures and ensure we set a culture of strong adherence to the safety procedures.

Reopening - Soft Launch

The full student body will come for full days of school starting Monday, August 31.

Another “view” of the schedule:

Cohort A

  • Thursday, Aug 20, 8:00 am – 3:25 pm (one-time extended day)
  • Monday, Aug 24, 8:25 am – 3:15 pm
  • Wednesday, Aug 26, 8:25 am – 3:15 pm


Cohort B

  • Friday, Aug 21, 8:00 am – 3:25 pm (one-time extended day)
  • Tuesday, Aug 25, 8:25 am – 3:15 pm
  • Thursday, Aug 27, 8:25 am – 3:15 pm

As you might notice, we were able to make only the first day of each Cohort an early start day. Starting Monday, August 24, every day starts at 8:25 am.

What Cohort is your son in?

Each grade is divided equally, according to last name:

Reopening - Soft Launch


Assigned Entrances

We’ve designated a door for each grade to use as an entrance to the building. Door assignments are as follows:

  • Grades 6, 7, 9: Main Door (Door #4)
  • Grade 8: Mobile Classrooms (in lot behind the Gym)
  • Grades 10 & 11: Old Main Entrance (Door #1)
  • Grade 12: Senior Hallway Door

What Time Do Doors Open? On the first days (Thu & Fri, Aug 20 & 21), all doors open at 7:15 am, and you should enter via the appropriate Grade’s door.


Thereafter, the normal plan will be:

  • 7:30 am – Main Door opens. Until 7:50 am, all arriving students should enter through the Main Door (Door 4) [note, most students come after 7:50 am].
  • 7:50 am – Other Entrances open. Students arriving after 7:50 am should enter through their Grade’s assigned door.


Can’t keep track of all this? Don’t worry, just show up and we’ll have folks in the parking lot directing traffic.

When students enter the building, they’ll go straight to their classroom, bypassing lockers and without congregating.