Dropoff & Pickup Procedures


Morning Drop-off

 Exiting the car

 All families except 8th Grade: Drop-off is as normal, along the front of the school. Once out of the car, students should walk to their appropriate entrance.

  • 8th Grade: Parents of 8th Graders should drop their sons off at the parking lot behind the Gym where the mobile classroom trailers are located. Please do NOT TURN INTO the parking lot. Simply drop-off your son and continue north on Cumberland Avenue.
  • Students: Please wear your mask as soon as you approach the door. If there’s a line to enter the building, stay 6 feet apart.


Entering the building


Where enter the building?

Grades 6, 7, and 9

Door #4 (Adjacent to the main gym)

Grade 8

Mobile Classroom #1 & #2 (Parking lot north of the main gym on Cumberland Ave)

Grades 10, and 11

Door #1 (Ballard Road)

Grade 12 

Door #9 (Senior hallway)


Morning Building Schedule

What Happens?

Once inside, where should students go?

7:30 am

Main Door Opens


Small Gym Opens

All grades can enter through the main door. 


Note, most students come after 7:50 am.

Briefly visit locker, if desired


Hang out in Small Gym

7:50 am

All Doors Open

Students enter via their assigned door (see above)

8:00 am 

Classrooms Open 

Small Gym Cleared


Students now proceed directly to 1st Period classrooms, which will open no later than 8:00am.

8:25 am

School Begins

1st Period Classrooms


Note: on the first day of school, students should proceed directly to their 1st period classroom, not to their locker, nor to the Small Gym.




After School Pick Up

 The After School Pick-Up process is similar to normal times, but with social distancing procedures as follows:

 Drivers: As customary, please pick-up students by entering the school parking lot via Ballard Road, including 8th grade students

 Students: May leave the building using any of the exits. Once outside, students must stay distanced until their ride arrives.

 Proctors: To help students distance, proctors will be stationed both outside and inside the building after school.