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Nicholas Kruckenberg

PhD, Catholic University of America MA , Catholic University of America

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  Year appointed: 2023

About Dr. Kruckenberg

Dr. Nicholas Kruckenberg is a senior software developer, writing and maintaining software used
by Fortune 100 companies, Federal agencies, and international telecoms to monitor IT
As an undergraduate, Dr. Kruckenberg read his way from Homer to Heidegger at St. John’s
College in Santa Fe, NM. He earned a Masters and Doctorate in philosophy at The Catholic
University of America in Washington, D.C., where his research focused on the philosophical
underpinnings of modern natural science. While at Catholic University, he helped establish a
liberal studies core curriculum, founded and led an undergraduate advising center, and taught
courses in philosophy and the humanities. Along the way, he has taught middle school
mathematics in Queens, prep courses for students taking law and medical school admissions
exams, and – a very long time ago – soil studies and mountain ecology at an outdoor lab school
in Colorado.
For fun, Dr. Kruckenberg indulges his interests – philosophical and technological – in artificial
intelligence and enjoys watching travel shows and baking competitions with his family.


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