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Aric Diamond

B.A. The Ohio State University, M.A. UCLA

Phone extension: (847) 375-0600 x 448

  Year appointed: 2020

About Mr. Diamond

Mr. Aric [pronounced like “Eric”] Diamond grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. He was the oldest of four boys and attended Bay Village High School. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from The Ohio State University – in just two years. After a brief stint as a grant writer, Aric joined the English Ph.D. program at UCLA, focusing on American Literature. While studying at UCLA, Aric was invited to lecture on various topics, including the evolution of John Donne’s religious verse, T.S. Eliot’s indictment of modernity, and the relationship between Jonathan Edwards’s sermons and American romanticism. He also designed several courses on contemporary culture and creative writing. As he pursued his Ph.D. (and completed his Masters), Aric found that his primary interest was teaching literature – even more than researching and writing about it – and hence made a career change to join the faculty at Northridge.

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