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Elective Highlight: ENG 141: Creative Writing I

Last semester Mr. Filip made his teaching debut with a new elective. Details on the class are below:
  • Course Name: ENG 141: Creative Writing I
  • Teacher: Mr. Matt Filip
  • Semester: 1st
  • Course Description: In this course students will expand their ability to creatively express themselves to others through poems, short stories, and essays. Students will analyze the writing methods of a variety of authors, and they will apply these methods to their own craft the writing. Students will also explore writing through a variety of genres and take creative approaches to timeless themes of the human experience. By the end of the semester each student will have a portfolio of their own work.

12th grader Mr. Fernando Vian (sample work linked below) had this to share about his experience in ENG 141:

“My favorite thing about this class was that it enabled me to express myself through my intellectual interests — interests that my regular classes introduced me to, but couldn’t go into depth about. Creative Writing let me explore those topics further and improve my writing a lot. I learned to convince and entertain in my writing. Mr. Filip’s collaborative approach gave us a sense of community, and helped us give good feedback though a system of peer review where each student gave feedback to three of our classmates, and in turn got helpful advice for our own work.”

“The Corsican that Conquered a Continent” by Fernando Vian ’21 >

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