Students Zooming Temporarily


Expectations and How to test 


Students who are Zooming have the same accountability as if they were physically in class.

 This includes:

  • Homework: Turning in Homework that day, knowing the Homework for that night
  • Notes: Taking notes in class
  • Quizzes: Taking the quiz during class, being ready for quizzes the next day(s)
  • Tests: Taken the same day (after school) or the next morning (before school)

Attendance: If you Zoom, you’re considered “Present”. 

When teachers take attendance, they will note you as “Zooming,” which will be counted as “present.”




Student Expectations

Teacher Expectations


Takes notes in class

Projects all content

All notes on whiteboard or projector

In-Class Worksheet

Obtains & completes all in-class assignments

Posts worksheets in onCampus


Turns in Homework due that day via onCampus


Does the Homework assigned that night

Posts Homework assignments in onCampus in a timely fashion


Takes quizzes during the Zoom class time


Student submits Quiz via onCampus


  1. Allows student to take during class 
  2. Writes alternative assessment & email/message it to him
  3. Exempts student from quiz


Prepared to take tests via Zoom on the same day at 4 pm. 


Have 2 devices as described below (see “Zoom Test Procedure.”)


Note: we’ll only require a student to take at most 2 tests after school.


Special Instances: Teachers may create an alternative plan to the default process. In such cases, they will communicate accordingly. 

Remote Testing Coordinator:

  • Pulls a report indicating who needs to take a “Zoom” test that afternoon. 



  • Default: Provide test and test instructions to the Remote Testing Coordinator for “same-day” testing
  • Alternative: Teacher makes alternative arrangement for testing the student separately.


How to take Tests – If “Zooming” in for class

If you have a test the day you Zoom, when will you take it?

            Not during class. Students “Zooming” into a class will NOT take the test during class due to the lack of               proctoring. 

           Same day, after school. Instead, you’ll take it later that same day at set hours.  

Test Times

  • 4:00 PM – Test 1
  • 5:00 PM – Test 2
  • More than two tests in one day? They will be spread out over the next day or two.

If you have a very good reason why you cannot test at 4:00 or 5:00 pm that day, you should communicate with BOTH Mr. Rahimi and your teacher that same day.

Remote Testing Coordinator                                                                                                                                Who? Mr. Ben Rahimi,

Before the Test                                                                                                                                    How will he contact you? Mr. Rahimi will contact you via email with the test details.

  • Mr. Rahimi will tell you the materials you should have on hand, time limit, and the link for the Zoom meeting.
  • Assume you’ll take the test at 4:00 pm.

What happens if you miss the Testing Coordinator’s email? Just show up at 4:00 pm…                Mr. Rahimi will send you the test information, including the Zoom link. If you miss it, just show up for the test at 4:00 pm. How? The testing link is in onCampus. Follow these steps:

  • Login to onCampus
  • Click on “Resources”
  • Then click on the “Take a Test over Zoom” post (See below): 

Fall Reopening

Viewing the Test online                                                                                                                                          After joining the Zoom call, the student will be sent a link through the Zoom chat to a PDF of the test through Digify. The PDF will self-destruct at the end of the testing time. The student will also be emailed a code to access the document as an added security measure.

2 Cameras required

  • The student will need two devices (cameras) … for example, use both your laptop and a cell phone
  • Zoom will need to be downloaded on both devices.

The 2 Camera setup (see below)

Fall Reopening

The camera stand shown in the above example can be purchased here: Cell phone/Camera Stand

Camera 1 View (Laptop Webcam)                        Camera 2 View (Cell Phone)

Fall ReopeningFall Reopening