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Reopening 2020-21

Reopening Plan

  1. This Fall Northridge will be open in-person, with a full school day, every day, for both Middle and High School.
  2. We will adhere to guidelines from the State of Illinois while monitoring the dynamic nature of the present situation and adjusting our plan accordingly.

Our goal is to protect our community while ensuring that the irreplaceable benefits, which in-person education offers, are available for all our students. At the same time, we will provide remote learning for those prevented from joining in person.

Some of the more important steps we are taking include:

  • Expand our classroom capacity in order to space students 6 feet apart.
  • Provide remote learning support for any student staying home.
  • Upgrade our ventilation system and install virus-killing technology within it.
  • Sanitize desks between changes of periods and sanitize the building each evening.
  • The State of Illinois guidelines are very clear that all students must wear masks while at school. Northridge will adhere to this guideline while providing time outdoors as much as possible (eg. daily gym class and breaks), where masks are not required.
  • “Soft start” to the school year where for the first week of classes only half the student body will come each day, and days will run 8:00am – 3:25pm (longer than normal). Starting week two of classes, the full student body will come each day.
  • Cost-sharing to support our reopening budget of over a half-million dollars, or, over $2,000 per student. The school can prudently absorb much of this, thanks to the generosity of so many, but we think it appropriate and good if each family contributes $500 per student via a one-time COVID Fee (Financial Aid families will have separate arrangements).

Please click the link to the document below to view our latest plan regarding reopening.

Note: this document is live and will be updated as our plans evolve with the guidelines.
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