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Course Catalog

Northridge Course Catalog

THEO 301-302: Church History


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to explore the Catholic faith through the role the Church has played in the history of our salvation. Students will trace the development of the Church’s response to different historical eras from the time of Christ to the present day.

We will also examine the moral impact of a number of contemporary issues that are relevant to the young men of the Junior class. We will explore a number of philosophical points of view from the Ancient world of Plato and Aristotle, the Enlightenment and Modern philosophical thought.

Required Texts

Verschuuren, G. M. N. Matters of Life & Death: a Catholic Guide to the Moral Questions of Our Time. Angelico Press, 2018.
Armenio, Peter V., and Socías James. The History of the Church: a Complete Course. Midwest Theological Forum, 2015.

School: High School

Department: Theology

Length: Full Year


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