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SPAN 313-314: Spanish Conversation & Culture


Course Description

This course focuses on furthering knowledge of Hispanic culture through conversation on current event issues, pop culture, art and history. The class is meant to be completely in Spanish, with sporadic English to introduce new concepts, specifically in grammar. Students will improve their grammatical and conversational skills through daily Spanish exercises, reading of Spanish literature, and an introduction to central historical elements in the different Latin American countries.

Required Texts

Levy, Stephen, and Robert J. Nassi. The Nassi-Levy Spanish Three Years. Amsco School Publications, 2015.
Kanter, Abby, and Wendy Carroll, Leer y Charlar. Amsco, 2008.
Cabat, L., Cabat, R. Momentos Hispanos. New York: Amsco School Publications. 1999

School: High School

Department: Spanish

Length: Full Year


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