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SPAN 113-114: Beginning Spanish


Course Description

This course focuses on immersing students into Spanish-speaking culture through conversation, reading, and grammatical exercises. The primary objective is enabling students to engage in basic conversation dealing with objects and matters of everyday life. Students will also be asked to master conjugation in the present, imperfect, preterit, and simple future tenses. Through classes held in Spanish, the student will be immersed in the language, improving their vocabulary and auditory skills as well. Study of Hispanic culture will also include songs, videos, and literature.

Required Texts

Kanter, Abby, and John Dyess. La Gran Aventura De Alejandro. AMSCO School Publications, 1994.
Levy, Stephen L., and Robert J. Nassi. The Nassi-Levy Spanish First Year. Amsco School Publications, 2018.
García María Inés. Español Santillana. Santillana USA, 2010.

School: High School

Department: Spanish

Length: Full Year


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