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SCI 61: Bugs & Botany


Course Description

Fall Bugs and Botany take on the theme of “Natural History.” In this class, Mr. Foster will introduce you to the names and patterns of the world around us. Learn the constellations, bird songs, plant families, insect orders, common fish, and natural plant communities of northeastern Illinois. After taking this class, you’ll never be able to look or listen the same way again. Students will exhibit their knowledge through a plant or insect collection and nature journal.

Spring Bugs and Botany takes on the theme of “Gardening.” Students in this class will plan, establish, and care for fruit and vegetable plants in the Northridge Garden. Students willing to spend a week caring for the garden over the summer are especially encouraged to take part. Activities include selecting crops and their varieties, starting transplants indoors, watering, weeding, and controlling pests. The relationship between gardening and ecological processes will be emphasized, and students are expected to learn the basic crop families.

School: Middle School

Department: Science

Length: One Semester


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