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SCI 203-204: Physics


Course Description

Physics is the science of understanding how things work. Everything around us can be described using the tools of physics. Basic concepts, equations and assumptions are used to make predictions about a broad range of phenomena. We will learn to conduct scientific investigations, analyze and interpret data, demonstrate logic, solve problems, and use the tools of physics to understand real-life situations. Furthermore, we will apply algebra to help elucidate key concepts. As the course progresses, we will emphasize that “Mathematics is the LANGUAGE of physics.” Key concepts include mechanics (motion, forces, work and energy, momentum), vibrations and waves (sound, light), and (time permitting) electric forces (electrostatics, energy, current, circuits).

Required Texts

Serway, Raymond A., and Jerry S. Faughn. Holt Physics. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2009.

School: High School

Department: Science

Length: Full Year


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