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MUSIC [183]-[386]: Strings Chamber Ensemble I – IV


Course Description

The Northridge Strings program enables students to practice and perform chamber music, including compositions of Mozart, Handel, and other great classical composers. Student musicians will develop their technique and cultivate an understanding of how this technique relates to the spiritual and emotional quality of the music. In the process, students will develop familiarity with the canon of classical music and the ability to use non-verbal cues to play as a group.

The four levels of this course are taught together, and students in the more advanced levels of the course take greater responsibility for leading within their instrument sections. Course are sequential, and students are required to take prior levels before advancing to the next.

  1. MUSIC 183-184: Strings Chamber Ensemble I [Grades 9 – 12]
  2. MUSIC 282-284: Strings Chamber Ensemble II [Grades 10 – 12]
  3. MUSIC 383-384: Strings Chamber Ensemble III [Grades 11 & 12]
  4. MUSIC 483-484: Strings Chamber Ensemble IV [Grade 12]

School: High School

Department: Art & Music

Length: Full Year


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