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Course Catalog

Northridge Course Catalog

MUSIC [115]-[382]: Band I – IV


Course Description

High School Band offers students a strong, active music program that helps students grow as musicians individually and in an ensemble.

This class meets five days a week plus a sectional rehearsal once a week during extended lunch.

The Northridge Band plays for home basketball games and performs at two major annual school concerts, fall and spring Open House, and high school graduation. Our jazz band is featured at our annual fundraiser, Dinner at the Ridge, and makes trips to festivals or Mexico every other year.

The four levels of this course are taught together, and students in the more advanced levels of the course take greater responsibility for leading with each band section. The course levels are sequential, and students are required to take prior levels before advancing to the next.

  1. MUSIC 115-116: Band I [Grades 9 – 12]
  2. MUSIC 215-216: Band II [Grades 10 – 12]
  3. MUSIC 315-313: Band III [Grades 11 & 12]
  4. MUSIC 381-382: Band IV [Grade 12 only]

School: High School

Department: Art & Music

Length: Full Year


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