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MATH 080-081: Algebra I


Course Description

Upon completion of Algebra 1, students should be able to understand and use variables correctly. Students should have a strong understanding of properties of addition and multiplication as well as knowing how to classify real numbers. Students will have the ability to solve equations and inequalities by isolating variables. Students will be able to understand equations with multiple variables and how to graph linear equations on a coordinate plane. Finally, students will be introduced to quadratics and quadratic equations, their first glimpse of a nonlinear graph. In Algebra I, students will learn the core algebraic concepts that will become the foundation for their mathematical success in the future: operations, equations, proportional reasoning and statistics, linear functions, inequalities, absolute value, systems of equations, exponents, exponential functions, polynomials, factoring, and quadratic functions.

Required Texts

Larson, Ron, and Laurie Boswell. Algebra 1: A Bridge to Success. Big Ideas Learning, 2015.

Schultz, James. Algebra 1. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2004.

School: High School

Department: Math

Length: Full Year


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