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HIST 254: World War II


Course Description

World War II was an unprecedented global conflict that still shapes society. This course will cover how political, economic, and social forces led to Allied victory. The course will focus more on American participation in the war. Students will study and discuss the impact of battles and leaders who were key to shaping events. The battles of Midway, D-Day, and the Bulge will receive particular attention.

The first half of the course will involve reading a common text. The second half of the course will consist of projects about American participation in the war. One project will allow students to focus on another country’s experience. Students will craft coherent essays that demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of how their topic affected the outcome of the war.

Required Texts

Keegan, John. The Second World War. Penguin Books, 2005.

School: High School

Department: History

Length: One Semester


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